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Automobiles M.P offers financing solutions for businesses. The solutions offered are flexible and tailored to your company's financing needs. We offer lease or purchase financing for 24 to 72 months, depending on the vehicle.
What is leasing?
Leasing is a very popular method of financing equipment purchases. Repayments are spread over several months. It's a flexible, fast, simple and efficient financing solution. It's best to preserve borrowing capacity with banks for needs that only they can finance.


Protect your cash flow Your business can grow immediately and generate profits quickly. Leasing preserves your cash so you can invest it where it counts. Modern equipment Leasing helps you reduce your operating costs by making it easier to replace your equipment on a regular basis.

Less tax to pay

With leasing, monthly rentals can be considered a tax expense. Who doesn't like paying less tax?

A quick response

Upon receipt of the required information, your request is processed quickly. The response is sent within 24 hours, sometimes less... Much faster than traditional financing methods!

Our lenders

Mitsubishi Capital
Banque Nationale

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